The Empty Pickle Jar-A Lesson On Life.

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I found this wonderful, little video The Empty Pickle Jar on Youtube and I simply had to share it.  It’s tells of the story of a Philosophy Professor who was teaching a class of students a simple Lesson on Life.

The professor took out a large empty pickle jar, and proceeded to fill the jar with Golf Balls.  When he had finished he turned to the class and asked if they thought the Jar was Full?  The Class replied that The Jar was full.

The professor then took the jar and poured pebbles into the jar.   The pebbles filled up all the spaces between the golf balls.  The Professor once again turned to the class and asked if the jar was full?  The Class again replied Yes, the Jar was full.

The Professor then took the jar and began to pour sand into the Jar.  The sand filled up all the spaces between the pebbles.  Again the Professor asked his class if they thought that the jar was full.  Again they replied yes.

Then the Professor took out a bottle of Chocolate Milk from under his desk.  He began to pour the milk into the Jar.  The milk filled up all the remaining space in the jar.  The Professor once again turned to his class and asked if they now believed the jar was full?  Laughing, the Class once again replied Yes.

The Professor went on to explain to his class that the Jar represents your life,  the Golf Balls are the important things, such as Your Family, Your Children, Your Health, Your Friends.  The Pebbles are other things that matter, such a your job, your home, your car etc.  The Sand represents everything else, the small stuff.

The Professor said that if he had put the sand into the jar first, there would not have been any room for the Golf balls or Pebbles.   He cautioned the same is true in life, if you fill your life up with the small stuff, there is never enough time for the important things, the things that you love and that make you happy.

He told the class to connect with their families and friends, and make time for the things that make them happy, because at the end of the day the rest is just sand.

One Student asked what the Chocolate Milk represented.  To which the Professor replied, “No Matter how full your life may seem, there is always room for chocolate:-)

Hope you enjoy the Video, and remember fill your life up with the important stuff;-)

To Your Success,

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