My Top 5 Rules for a Fantastic 2018:-)

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Happy New Year from all here at Law of Attraction A to Z.  We hope 2017 went well for you and if it wasn’t up to scratch, don’t worry, because this Year 2018; you get to Start Over and do things right!

So let go of the past, live in the moment and meditate on a fabulous tomorrow.

Here are my Top 5 Rules for Having a Fantastic 2018.

  1. Take Action!! That’s right if something isn’t working for you, get up off your backside and do something about it. ( I have to give myself a regular kick in the backside! Everyone does;-))
  2. Take Chances!  Life is about taking chances, so apply for that new job, ask that person you like out, join that new class, take up Salsa Dancing despite having two left feet.
  3. Fail Big!  You heard me FAIL BIG!  We have been drilled in our society that failure is a bad thing, however, it’s not.  Failure is learning, Failure teaches us valuable lessons about what does and doesn’t work.  True Failure is not the Falling Down, but the Staying Down.  So pick you little ass up and start again!
  4. Love with All Your Heart!  Don’t be afraid to feel love and start with yourself!  If you don’t start by loving yourself who in the heck is going to love you?  Then fall in love with your life and everything in it.
  5. Never Give Up on Your Dreams!  That’s right never give up, as Albert Einstein said, ” Imagination is everything, it is a preview of Life’s Coming Attractions!”  So make sure you fill your imagination with Your Dreams & Your Hearts Desires and ponder on these every spare moment in your day!

Well that’s my top five, but feel free to add to it with anything you feel I have missed by posting in the comments below.  Make 2018 your best year yet, have a blast and hopefully we will meet again on the other side.

To your success

Roma Catherine


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