5 Life Lessons Driving a Car Can Teach You!

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5 Life Lessons Driving a Car Can Teach YouWe all do it at some time in our lives; we learn to drive a car.  Our progress is slow and steady at first, and we wonder if we will ever be able to remember everything in the right order to be able to drive on our own without supervision.

However, through consistent repetition what at first seemed difficult and tedious about driving became second nature to us and in no time at all we were driving solo.

Well I believe Life is a lot like driving a car, however in life you rarely have someone telling you it’s ok to make mistakes.  Mistakes are part of living and growing and becoming the best you that you can be and here are 5 Life Lessons Driving your car can teach you.

1.       Driving Life Lesson one, have a Clear Destination i.e. A Clearly Defined Goal and get a road map i.e. a mentor who has already achieved the goal.  When you set off in your car, you usually have a clear destination in mind, for example work, school, the store.  If you are planning on taking a long road trip you not only have a clear destination, but you also take the time to get a map to ensure that you get to your destination in the optimum time taking the best possible route. If you didn’t do this you might find yourself wandering around aimlessly, end up lost in the middle of nowhere, run out of gas and end up stranded.   Many of us do this in life, all because we fail to have a Clearly Defined Goal.


2.       Driving Life Lesson Two: Keep Your Eyes on the Road (Goal)!!.  You know what can happen when you take your eyes of the road.  When you lose focus while driving it can cause you to end up taking a wrong turn, that ends up slowing your journey considerably or worse still causes you to have an accident which can stop you Dead in your tracks.  Life is no different, you have to keep your eye on the Goal or Prize that you want to achieve, don’t lose focus and stick to the map.  Once you do this your destination will be more than a dream it will become a certainty!


3.       Driving Life Lesson Three:  Don’t Drive Looking in the Rear View Mirror.  If you drive, while looking in the rear view mirror all the time, you are destined to crash.  The same is true of your life, if you are living your life in the present only thinking of the mistakes you have made in the past, you are destined to repeat more of the same.  Let the past be history, learn from it and move on, and put all of your energy into being happy and living your life with purpose in the present.


4.       Driving Life Lesson Four;  Don’t Sweat the Road Blocks!  We have all encountered Road Blocks or Road Works while driving.  Sometimes they slow your journey, and cause long traffic jams.  At other times you may have to take a detour, it may be inconvenient and delay your arrival to your destination however you know that you will get there eventually, it just may take a little longer.

I believe life is no different, however often when we run into the first road block, we start to question if the goal is achievable for us.  Many of us give up; we believe we are not good enough or smart enough etc to achieve our dream.  We fail to see these blocks for what they are; opportunities to grow and learn and become better on our way to success.  So the next time you encounter a road block on your road to success, find a way to work through it, be persistent and you will get there eventually.


5.       Driving Life Lesson 5.  You Will Encounter Car Trouble!  When you have car trouble it slows your journey, whether you have a flat tyre or a problem with your engine, you just don’t get where you were headed on time.  Sometimes car trouble can set you back a few hours or sometimes you may have to make new arrangements.  Either way you still have the opportunity to get to your destination, whether that is on foot, the bus, the train, a taxi or a plane.

In my view life is no different, you will have problems in life and some may be big problems, which will require some planning and persistent effort for you to get back on track.   However, if you tackle your problems with determination, patience and persistence you will eventually achieve your desired outcome.

Remember to keep your eyes on the prize, believe your goal is achievable for you and work towards it achievement every spare minute of your time.

See you at the Finish Line;-)


Roma Catherine



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