How Many No’s before the First Yes?

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How Many No’s before the first Yes!

Colonel SandersEvery time someone tells me that they missed their chance, or it’s too late for them to do what the want to do, I think of the story I heard about Colonel Sanders.

I heard this story at a Tony Robbins Seminar, and it really made me sit up and take notice.  You see Colonel Sanders was 65 years old before he went on to make his millions.  He had received his first Social Security Cheque for $105.00 after the Restaurant he had owned failed due to the Interstate.  He decided that was it, he was going to do something to change things for himself.

Did Colonel Saunders have great Sales Training or a Degree?  No.  However, he did have a Great Chicken Recipe and enormous belief in his idea.  Colonel Saunders made a decision that he was going to go out to all the restaurants in town to offer them his Fantastic Chicken Recipe, if in return they gave him a percentage of the profits of the sales they made using it.

So Armed with his idea, no sales training, he put on his best white suit, and went out to work with a hefty helping of self belief.  He went to the first restaurant, introduced himself told them his idea, that he had a Fantastic Chicken Recipe, that he would give them for free, if they would in return give him a percentage of the profits they made using his recipe.  What do you think the Restaurant owner said?  Yes your right, no thank you I have my own Chicken Recipe.

The knock backs continued for Colonel Sanders and it is told that he received 1,009 rejections, yes that’s right 1,009 No’s before he got his first Yes!   Now that what I call keeping going until you succeed!  I’m so glad he did, other wise the whole world wouldn’t know the Great Taste of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The main lesson here is that if you have an idea which you believe in with all your heart, keep going, keep working on your idea until you succeed, never give up.

To your success

Roma Catherine.

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  1. Lillah says:

    Thanks for the insihgt. It brings light into the dark!

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