You Can Heal Your Life Review.

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you-can-heal-your-life-reviewI first read this book you can heal your life, over 10 years ago while I was studying in College. I had been having some problems with my practical exams and one of my tutors watched a couple of my assessments and suspected that my problems had less to do with my ability and more to do with a low self esteem issue. She recommended that I go and see a personal development coach, who recommended that I read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.

I have to say the book was very easy to read and I enjoyed reading it, however, I didn’t just read it, I followed each of the exercises that it recommended to the letter of the law. The book became my constant companion over that last year in college and without a doubt it was the reason that I got through my practical exams without any problems at all.

The book takes four parts, in Part 1, Louise introduces herself, her philosophies and her beliefs. In Part 2, you take a session with Louise. This section is set out beautifully so that by following the exercises it’s as if you have your own private one on one with Louise herself. It helps you to uncover the core issue of any problems that you are experiencing in your life. It also gives exercises for you to begin to eliminate these issues.

Part 3 is where you really start to put some of the exercises to work in the areas of your life that you are experiencing the most problems, whether those problems are in the area of relationships, career or finances, each section is dealt with in detail, leaving you the reader, with a easy to follow plan to begin to make solid changes to the areas of your life that you wish to improve. Another great benefit of this section of the book is how Louise outlines how some of the core emotional issues we struggle with in our lives can manifest as illness in our bodies. She includes a comprehensive list of illnesses, the core issue or issues involved with each illness and a suggested affirmation to help you heal the problem.

In Part 4, Louise concludes by telling her own story and how she used the very same principles that she shares in the book to cure herself of cancer.

5-starsI personally love the book and give it 5 stars, it has been a constant companion and reference book for me for over 10 years and I highly recommend it as a must read, not only for those who want to heal their life but their body as well.

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