Why Opinions of Others Don’t Matter.

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Why Opinions of Others Don't Matter.“Let no one’s opinion of you; matter more than your own opinion of yourself!”

I know we feel that the opinions of others matter, and to some degree if someone is important to you, you value their opinion on many things including yourself.  However, you must never allow your own self worth to be diminished by another’s opinion of you, whether that person is close to you or not.

The truth is that we have to learn to love and respect ourselves fully.  Without a healthy dose of self respect we begin to rely too much on the opinions of others to show us our own value.  When we are just acting out our lives to please others such as Family, Friends or Associates, we begin to drift from who we really are.  We end up confused and frustrated because let’s face it you can’t please everyone all of the time, and what happens is that you end up pleasing no one at all, especially yourself.

So what can you do to fix it?  Well first things first, you have to start to love yourself!  I’m not talking about vanity, I am talking about the way you love a family member, such as a parent, a sibling or a child.  Begin by listing all the good qualities you possess, write them out on piece of paper.  Once you have done this read through these qualities and appreciate yourself.

Now the next step is to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you love and appreciate all that you are.  Some people find this particularly difficult, I know I did!  So I had to imagine myself as if I was my own child.  I would never be horrible to or discourage my child, I would only show them love and encouragement.  Doing this really helped me to see past my shortcomings and to encourage and love my qualities.  Loving the self is one of the hardest things to do for many people.  So don’t scold yourself if you don’t manage to do it in a day.  Make your list of your positive qualities and review it daily, remember these small steps every day will help you transform.

When we begin to love ourselves truly, our confidence grows.  We begin to believe in our ability to achieve our goals.  As this starts to happen we become less affected by the opinions of others and we attract more people into our lives that love and respect us for who we are.  Once this happens we become stronger and more confident in our opinion of ourselves and then truly the opinions of others don’t matter.  However funny as it may seem, when you truly begin to love and respect yourself, others opinions of you will mirror that love and respect, it is the Law of Attraction in Action;-)

To Your Success,

Roma Catherine

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