What is the Best Time of Day to Meditate?

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Do you know what the best time of day to Meditate is?  If not keep reading!

When I started meditating, I used to do it in the evening.  However, I would usually meditate after a long day and I would become frustrated as all I seemed to do was fall asleep!

Does this sound familiar?

Well if so, don’t worry because I am going to tell you the absolute best time of day to meditate.  In fact there are two premium times and they are as follows;

Hypnopompic, this is the period in the morning time just after you wake up.  This is a fantastic time to meditate.  So as soon as you wake before breakfast, devote even 5 minutes a day to your meditation ritual.

If you have a goal or an affirmation, have it written on a card beside your bed and read this card several times before you begin to meditate.  As you meditate you can keep visualising your goal over and over in your mind.  This will help your subconscious mind accept your goal as a command.

The second best time to mediate is the Hypnagogic, this is the period of time just before you fall asleep at night.  As with your morning meditation, read the card with your goal on it several times before you start to meditate.  Then as you meditate recite your goal over and over in your mind.

I personally find with the night time mediation that I tend to fall asleep, so I make sure to have the goal that I am working on going over in my mind as I meditate.  I believe that this sends a very positive command to my subconscious to start working on my goal.

Meditation is powerful, but as with any new skill it takes a bit of practice.  If you just keep making time to do it, you will see incredible beneficial effects in your life in as little as 30 days, just by using meditation daily.

To your success,

Roma Catherine,

PS; Please share below, what you find helpful to your meditation practice.

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