The Story of The Butterfly.

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The Butterfly StoryI heard the following story in an Audio Program by Earl Nightingale and I simply had to share its message, as I think it illustrates what many of life’s struggles are meant to do for us.

It is my belief that problems in your life are learning experiences sent to enable you to grow and become a better more confident person, but read on see what you believe.

The Story of The Butterfly Attributed to Henry Miller

One day in India, a young boy walked up to a Guru or wise man, and asked what the man was looking at.

The Guru responded “I am looking at a Chrysalis, and inside is a butterfly.  Soon the Chrysalis will split and the butterfly will emerge.”

The boy asked, “Can I have it?”

The Guru replied “Yes, but you must promise me one thing first, that when the Chrysalis begins to split and the butterfly is making it first attempt to come out, that you do not help it in any way.  You must let the butterfly get out of the chrysalis by itself.”

The little boy promised to do as the Guru had asked, and returned home with the Chrysalis.

Once home he sat to watch the Chrysalis and after a while it started to move and vibrate.  Eventually the Chrysalis split and inside the boy could see a Beautiful Butterfly.  The butterfly was frantically beating its wings against the Chrysalis as it was trying to get free.

The boy watched in wonderment, but as the creature struggled the boy felt compelled to help.  Eventually unable to watch it struggle any longer the boy broke his promise to the Guru and split the Chrysalis so the Butterfly could get out.

The butterfly took to the air, but was unable to fly properly so it fell to the ground and was killed.

The boy picked up the creature and crying took it back to show the Guru.

The Guru looked at the butterfly, and said to the boy, “You helped to open the Chrysalis, didn’t you”

The Boy replied “Yes, I did.”

The Guru continued, “You didn’t understand that as the butterfly tries to break free, it beats its wings against the Chrysalis.  This is what helps its muscles to grow strong enough to enable it to fly.  By helping the butterfly you prevented it from becoming strong enough to fly and that is why it was killed.


I like to believe that people are all similar to the butterfly.  When we encounter obstacles in our lives that they are sent to enable us to grow and develop and become stronger.  These learning experiences are what give us the knowledge to take our lives to the next level.

So the next time you are having a tough time, just think of it as the Universe’s way/God’s way, to make your wings stronger so you can fly to the next level in your life;-)

To your success,


Roma Catherine


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  1. Rodney Battles says:

    I throughly enjoyed the Butterfly story and all of the wonderful information you provide.

  2. charles says:

    Have liked the story and it has crept in me a more courage to face the life’s obstacles. Sincerely I have hope that some thing BIG is held by the universe for me and its a matter of time to celebrate my abundance.

    Roma just keep on teaching me and I really appreciate our teachings. Thanks Catherine….

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