Seven Minute Breakthrough Intervention with Tony Robbins

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I found this fantastic, motivational story on you tube.  And if you have visited my blog before you know how I love a great inspirational story that can motivate people to breakthrough their life’s challenges.

Well here is another amazing story of how Rechaud Bells, a man who was plagued with a speech impediment all of his life, breakthroughs the challenge discovers the cause of his stutter and eliminates it completely with the help of Tony Robbins in under 10 minutes.

Tony uses a form of Neuro Linguistic Programming, to help people eliminate blockages that are preventing them from achieving success.  If you identify the problems that are holding you back you can then work on releasing them.  Tony made Rechaud think back to his earliest memory, to try to figure out how his stuttering had begun.  It transpired that Rechaud’s earliest memory was of himself as a two year old boy watching cartoons on a Saturday morning.  The cartoon he watched was Rocky and Bull Winkle, and guess what, Bull Winkle had a Stutter!

Tony made Rechaud think back to what happened just before he watched the cartoon; Tony said that sometimes when a child becomes frightened or anxious they latch on to something that their young mind tells them will keep them safe.  Well Rechaud’s parents were arguing, and sometimes his father would get physical with his mother.  As the young Rechaud watched the cartoon his subconscious noticed that Bull Winkle when he was in danger would call for Rocky’s help with a stutter, and Rocky would come running to his aid.  This was the beginning of the young boys cry for help, his mind had linked stuttering to a call for help, but as he grew his mind had held on to this limiting belief, until Tony Robbins helped him identify and release it.  The video is truly inspirational.

It also makes you think what limiting beliefs are holding you back that can be released.  If something is not working in your life and you feel that you have followed all the correct steps to your goal, but you are still not achieving success.  Maybe you have a limiting belief or conflict that is holding you back.  Well NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming can help you to eliminate your limiting beliefs and replace them with more empowering programs so that you will take action and move toward your goals and dreams.  Check out my article What is NLP?, to see how to get started.

Well stay motivated, believe in yourself and enjoy every minute of your wonderful life, until next time.

To your success,

Roma Catherine

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