Have Your Heard of A Positive Pep Talk.

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I believe in your daily life that you should give yourself a Positive Pep Talk.  That’s my new phrase and I like it.  You can call it PPT for short.

Why do you need a Positive Pep Talk?

Well for example when you are busy going about your day, sometimes things can go wrong.  When this occurs it can very easily lead you down a negative thought pattern.

Once one negative thought infects your brain, it starts to spread like a virus.  Suddenly your brain is filled with negative chatter.  These negative thoughts will not only make you feel grumpy, but they often affect your performance.

By giving your self a Positive Pep Talk you can stop the spread of negativity in your brain.  Also by taking control of your thoughts and directing them toward what you desire, this will have a direct affect on how your day progresses.  Basically it puts you firmly back in the driving seat of your day and ultimately your life!

How Does a Positive Pep Talk Work?

Think of it like a 5 minute CV about all of your talents and gifts.  Imagine you are applying for your dream job and you have to write a glowing report about yourself.  Your Positive Pep Talk should include all the best parts of you and your life.

Example – It Might Sound Like This:

Your Name, your are a wonderful, energetic and talented person.  You learn something from every experience, and you use this knowledge to your advantage in your life.

You are positive, kind and very helpful.  You are a great friend and very popular with your peers.  You always strive to do your job to the very best of your ability.  People look up to you and appreciate your help and advice.

You are attracted to all the very best opportunities in your life. When one door closes you confidently know it is only because something better and more suited to your talents is just around the corner.

You have a wonderful family and home life.  You appreciate the blessings in your life every day, knowing that more good is always on its way to you.”


You get the idea, make your Positive Pep Talk exciting and compelling.  When a  negative thought tries to infect your brain, recite your PPT over and over in your head.

If you have a song that makes you feel motivated, recite your PPT while listening to the song.  This will help your powerful message go on a fast track to your Subconscious mind.

Well that’s all for today and remember when Negativity Strikes, Stamp it out with PPT;-)

To Your Success

Roma Catherine

PS, Don’t forget to let me know if you have Positive Pep Talk method that works for you?  Just comment below;-)

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