Have You Tried A Positivity Diet?

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Have you tried a Positivity Diet?

Bee Positive!Have you ever tried a Positivity Diet?  Well the sad truth is that most of us drift through our days with our own worries while we are constantly bombarded by more negative stories on the news or other forms of media.  However, what if you just got up in the morning and decided that’s it, today I start my Positivity Diet.  What if you deliberately blocked out all the bad stuff and only put all of your attention on everything positive in your life and your surroundings?  Would it make you feel better?

Well the law of attraction states that “like attracts like”, like thoughts attract like thoughts and like situations.  This law is absolute just like the law of gravity, hence it is always working whether you believe in it or not.  It has also been discovered that your thoughts have a frequency and their frequency is broadcast out to the universe and they attract back thoughts and situations with a like frequency, i.e. the law of attraction.  Have you ever noticed when you have a negative thought, suddenly you have another and another, until they eventually ruin your day.  Well let’s reverse this, you can make a decision today to take deliberate control of your life, and the thoughts you allow yourself to think and here’s how to do it.

First and foremost before you get up in the morning, while you are still lying in bed, start by practicing your Attitude for Gratitude.  Lie there and think of all the things you are happy about in your life, your home, your family, your bed, your pets, whatever it is for you think about it and be grateful for it.  I want you to really put some effort into it, because in the beginning this can be difficult, but believe me it’s a real mood shifter.

The second thing I want you to do, is to make an effort to notice, the good things around you during your day; the sunshine, the blue sky, the birds singing, happy smiling people near you.  Whatever it is start looking for the good out there and believe me it will start to come into view.

The third thing I want you to do is that when you get a negative thought, see that thought in your mind like it is on a computer screen, now hover your mouse over it, click on it and put it in the trash.  I want you to actively delete all the negative thoughts that you notice and immediately replace it with a picture or a thought of someone or something that you love.  For me it is baby pictures and thoughts of my son, however for you it could be a picture of your spouse, your dog, your car?  This is your thought changer so you find what works for you.

The fourth thing I want you to do is to gain control of your feelings as they have a massive bearing over your thoughts.  Similar to the tip above I want you to develop you own mood changer.  I want you to think of a situation in your life when you were very happy, this could have been a birthday party, a beautiful picnic, or a great vacation, again this must be personal to you. ( If you find it difficult to Visualize try using pictures.)  Now I want you to close your eyes take a few moments and go back to that situation.  Imagine you are in that situation now, remember the feelings, the smells, the sounds, and how happy and contented you were, really get in touch with how you felt, and as you do this I want you to touch your thumb and middle finger together on both hands.  If you practice this visualization technique using the hand gesture regularly, eventually just the hand gesture will bring about the change of mood when you most need it.

Lastly but by no means least, I want you to start to meditate every day, this is another great way to quiet the mind and gain control over your thoughts.  Check out my article on 5 Steps to Powerful Meditation, its laid out easily for newbie’s.  I personally found using some relaxing music helped when I started, it not that easy to quiet the chatter in the mind, it takes a little practice, but it is worth it.

These are my tips for your Positivity Diet, they do work, however just as you are not going to lose 20lbs by dieting for a couple of days, it is no different with changing your thoughts, it takes consistent practice to achieve long term results.  Remember what Tony Robbins said “It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives; it’s what we do consistently.”

To Your success

Roma Catherine


If you have any tips for a Positivity Diet please feel free to share and comment I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings:-)

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