Have You Got What it Takes to be a Reverse Paranoid?

| February 26, 2013 | 1 Comment

Hi Everyone,

I found this great little video by one of my all time heroes Jack Canfield.  Jack talks about what it takes for you to become a Reverse Paranoid, otherwise known as an Optimist!

When you get stuck in a rut or bad stuff happens in your life it can be very easy for you to think the world is out to get you.  However if you can just change your focus and look for the Silver Lining in that Cloud, the Opportunity in the Setback, suddenly the problems in your life will just become the challenges you meet along your road to success.

I like to look at these challenges as a game with obstacles that are there to make you learn and grow.  Remember for every situation that ends in your life, there is a new beginning.  Allow your inner Reverse Paranoid to have their way and only focus on the Good that is around you.  Notice the smiling faces, the Blue Sky, The Sun(which has been shining here in Ireland this last week:-)), the Birds and as you start to appreciate and notice the good, it’s amazing more will be drawn into every area of your life, believe me it works!

So go ahead become the Optimist it will change your life for the better and it will certainly make you feel a lot better too!

To Your Success,

Roma Catherine

PS; Please feel free to comment and share your Reverse Paranoid Stories, would love to hear them:-)

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My name is Roma Catherine Burke, I am a Chiropractor and a blogger with a passion for sharing positive stories about the Law of Attraction and Personal Development. I live with my Family, Horses and Dogs on a small farm in the Southern Ireland.

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  1. Anthony Mukupa says:

    Im so greatiful to learn so much from the law of attraction introduced to me awesomely by you madam cathren,I realizes the true me and what the universe has to offer me by following the steps that is been gratitude and happy,doin things in a certain way. thanks a lot continue posting to people like me its real.

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