Happy International Women’s Day!

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Well it’s International Women’s Day 2017 and it’s a time to reflect on just how far women have come in recent years.  In Ireland Alone since the 1970’s, my Mum’s hay day,  there have been many positive changes for women.  The following are just a few;

In 1970’s Ireland a woman had to give up her job once she was married, if that job was in the public service or banking sector.

Prior to 1976 women were unable to own their own home outright and their husband could sell the family home without his wife’s permission.

A wife in Ireland was unable to refuse to have sex with her husband.

Childrens Allowance Payments were only payable to the father.

Women were paid a lower wage, than a man in a similar position.

For more details on what women could and couldn’t do in 1970’s Ireland Visit IrishCentral.com

I am so thankful that we have come such a long way and that at last women everywhere are finding their voice.  Lets make that voice a positive and up lifting one.

Happy International Women’s Day;-)

To Your Success,

Roma Catherine



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