Fred Dukes, A Motivational Story.

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I came across this truly inspiring and motivational story about a young High School Student named Fred Dukes.

Fred became homeless when his step Mother moved from Atlanta in search of a Job. Fred made the Decision to stay in Atlanta and go it alone staying between different friends houses.

However, things became worse before they got better for Fred and he eventually ended up staying in a homeless shelter.

Regardless of what happened, Fred refused to give up. He persevered and just kept going, he believed that it’s not what happens to us that defines us but the decisions we make.

So with the support of his friends this inspiring young man stuck to his decision to make it and graduate from High School regardless of being homeless. Fred Graduated with a GPA of 3.0 and an award for scoring a 24 in his ACT!

The fact is that Fred persevered and was relentless in the pursuit of his goal to stay in Atlanta and Graduate from High School. When life put obstacles in his path, he found a way to keep going no matter what.

He made his Goal so compelling that no matter what the obstacle that he came up against he found a way to overcome it.  This is because Fred was completely motivated and determined to achieve his goal.

With that kind of focus, his only outcome could be success. I have huge admiration for this inspirational young man.

Have you any motivational or inspiring stories you would like to share? If so I would love to hear them. Please feel free to comment below.
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