Beware of Dream Thieves!

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Beware of Dream Thieves!

Beware of Dream Thieves!I had never thought of the fact that someone could steal your dream.  It had never occurred to me until I heard a documentary some years ago where Monty Roberts, the famous horse trainer was talking about his life when he was young.  Now I use this story to remind my 8 year old son to never let anyone steal his dreams.

Monty Roberts told of how he had always dreamed of being a world famous horse trainer.  He dreamed of owning a 300 acre ranch, where he trained thoroughbred racehorses.  This was a big dream for a little boy who’s family, although they had horses, were very poor.

One day his teacher in school set the whole class an assignment, Monty recalled this very well because of what happened after.  The assignment was to write an essay on what each pupil planned to do with their lives when they graduated from High School.

Well Monty grabbed this assignment by the horns so to speak.  He wrote of how he was going to be a world famous horse trainer.  He was going to own a 300 acre ranch, and on that ranch he was going to train thoroughbred race horses to be winners!

When the assignment was graded, Monty collected his paper and to his surprise he had only received a D.  The teacher called Monty to one side and said the mark reflected the fact that his essay was far-fetched and unrealistic, the teacher said to Monty that if he were to rewrite the assignment while being more realistic in his goals, she would look more favorably on the paper and Grant him an A.  To the teacher’s surprise Monty replied to her remarks;

“You keep your A, I’ll keep my Dream!”

Monty’s teacher had attempted to steal his dream, but the young boy had strength and belief in his dream and he refused to let her!  And guess what?  Monty he is now a World Famous Horse Trainer, with a 300 acre ranch where he trains thoroughbred race horses to be winners while also training other horses and people!

I don’t believe that all Dream Thieves are bad people, they are just people, teachers, friends, family members or work colleagues that perhaps, don’t want you to be disappointed if you fail in your journey.  Some believe they know what’s best for you, and want to protect you from failure, and there are others in life, that feel threatened by your dreams, and will say anything to make you give up.  My advice is do not listen, put your fingers in your ears and hum a happy tune.  This is your life and your dream, and when your life is over and you are reflecting back it would be great to say,

“I gave it everything I had, I never held back and I loved and lived every minute!”

To Your Success

Roma Catherine.

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My name is Roma Catherine Burke, I am a Chiropractor and a blogger with a passion for sharing positive stories about the Law of Attraction and Personal Development. I live with my Family, Horses and Dogs on a small farm in the Southern Ireland.

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  1. michael says:

    Roma Catherine,nice to read your articles on LOA,GREAT.
    Your direct way and positive enrgy is a boost to people.I am a teacher in Foreign languages[ French, Mandarin and English]& a passionate fine art painter[ can paint , forgetting almost every thing]so my Great Dreams ARE : 1. become a happy painter 2. a teacher of arts and sciences 3. an innovator in renewable energies4. An interiror decorator and architect 5. A TCM practitioner i.e. a Chinese traditional doctor6.A gallerist7.An ecological village innovator8.A silent martial artist i.e. a monk yet with a Family to keep the talents blossoming in future generations
    aLL THESE DREAMS will need several life time span to achieve, do you agree with me?iMAGINE in Bible, poeple lived up to 500years…waooh! except they had a different maths culture…we may believe that it was true…Genesis chapter 1. v. 29 INSPIRING TO KEEP GOOD HEALTH.any way Catherine, you are so nice and beautiful, that if you were not married..oooh, may i wud try to ask you.. to share this life..please let us be good friends..platonic freinds, i mean…God day! good day too to yoooo! michael

  2. Rock says:

    I really aprpeciate free, succinct, reliable data like this.

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