Are You Willing To Work On You?

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“For things to change, you got to Change.”

Jim Rohn

I was listening to an audio program by the great Jim Rohn the other day, and this lead me to share this super little video with Jim sharing his wise words.  Jim was such a great leader in the area of Personal Development. In the audio and the video here he was talking about the first thing his mentor said to him. Earl Shoaff his mentor told him for things to change in his life, he would have to change.

You see the young Jim was struggling.  He had left college after just one year, and got a job.  Jim then married and started a family, however by the age of 25 he was financially broke, behind on payments and slipping further and further into debt.  It was at this time in his life that he met his mentor Earl.

Earl Shoaff began to coach the young Jim, and went on to explain that even though Jim might want to change the economy, his work conditions, the government, complaining about such things would be of no benefit to him.  Earl told Jim, that the only way to create long lasting change for the better in his life was to work at becoming better at everything he did.  Earl told the young Jim Rohn, to work harder on himself and his personal development than on his job.  He said by doing this Jim would grow and become better not only at his job but in all aspects of his life.

So Jim took his mentor’s advice, he worked harder on himself than he did on his job.  In just a short time, under a year his life turned completely around.  Jim said that once he saw the first improvements he was completely hooked and of course the rest is history, and one of the world leaders in the area of Personal Development was born.

So the best piece of advice I can give you is this, “Work on You!” If you are having problems in your life, as the great Jim Rohn said,”Don’t wish for less problems, wish that you had more skills.”  You have control over your life, so take control and add value to your life and the life of others by learning, growing and becoming more.  By taking the time to learn and study everything you can lay you hands on in the area of personal development, you will develop the necessary skills to overcome all of your life’s problems.  So don’t forget work on you, and enjoy your journey.

To Your success,

Roma Catherine


PS:  Please feel free to comment and share your personal development tips, I would love to hear them:-)

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