7 Tips To Improve Your Self Confidence.

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improve-your-self-confidenceEveryone, to some degree, has issues with self confidence. Being cautious and withdrawing from certain situations is a natural defense mechanism, but it can hold us back and cause considerable discomfort. By following these 7 tips to improve your self confidence you can start the process immediately.

1. Visualization

To improve your self confidence through visualization can be a very powerful tool. If there is a task that needs to be completed for example, calmly visualizing yourself performing that task in a positive manner is very helpful in preparing you for the actual event. Visualization is best done in a quiet room with few distractions.

2. Education

When placed into social situations, people at times feel uncomfortable with general conversation. Whether its current events, arts and entertainment, or general interest topics such as cooking, or exercise, the ability to carry on a basic conversation offers anyone the feeling that they fit in.

There is no need to become an expert on matters that have no interest to you, but being able to offer an opinion can help to improve your confidence. Education through reading, conversation, and active listening should be a daily goal.

3. Exercise

Even the most basic forms of exercise can help to boost an individuals self confidence. Exercise helps to create a euphoric feeling, and increases your overall energy level. Walking into any situation feeling vibrant and energetic through exercise is a wonderful feeling and a great confidence builder. Even a brief period of casual exercise like walking is a good place to start.

4. Goal Setting

Setting personal and professional goals helps to create a sense of accomplishment in your day to day life. Short term goals can be something as simple as cleaning the bathroom, or finishing a small project at work.

Perhaps these are not life changing events, but accomplishing short-term goals on a regular basis leads to success in reaching long-term goals like buying a new home, or changing your career.

5. Surround Yourself With Positive Energy

Our social connections have an immediate effect on our self confidence. If you choose to surround yourself with negative people, that is ultimately how you will live your life. Positive energy breeds confidence. Strive to develop relationships with people who live life, set goals, and have a positive attitude.

6. Write It Down

You’ve heard it before. Lists are a powerful tool. Keeping track of your goals and daily confidence building exercises will help you to monitor your progress and you can make any changes you feel might help. Crossing tasks off your list once they are completed will provide you with a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

7. Take Action

No advice or tools that you’re presented with will have any effect unless you make an effort to use them. Action is a fundamental key to help you improve your self confidence.

There isn’t one step above that you can’t take today. You can take immediate action to become a more self confident person.  Go out and enjoy life to the fullest. Walk with purpose and keep your head high.

To Your Success

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